Media Stres Strikes Back: The Raw Power of ‘Right or Wrong’

Emerging from the heart of northern Croatia, Media Stres is a formidable force in the alternative rock scene. Hailing from the city of Čakovec, this dynamic quartet has been electrifying audiences since their formation in 2012. Known for their high-octane live performances and a robust musical catalog, Media Stres is back in the spotlight with their compelling single, “Right or Wrong,” from their album ‘E.V.I.L. (Part 2)’.

After a five-year hiatus, Media Stres returned with a renewed vigor, channeling their energy into new material and preparing for a fresh wave of live performances. Their hiatus has only deepened their creative well, evident in the meticulously crafted sounds of “Right or Wrong.” This track encapsulates the essence of what makes Media Stres a standout in the alternative rock genre: raw power, emotional depth, and a keen sense of social commentary.

Media Stres is composed of Karlo Komorski, whose vocals are as commanding as his roaring guitar riffs; Arian Peharda, whose lead guitar tones are both atmospheric and melodic; Aleksandar Hutinec, whose bass lines are tight and driving; and Matej Obadić, whose drumming is the rhythmic backbone of the band. Together, they create a sound that is both cohesive and dynamic, a testament to their chemistry and shared vision.

Over the years, Media Stres has built a solid reputation with three EPs and over a hundred concerts across the Balkan region and Europe. Their performances at notable festivals such as Mikser Festival in Belgrade, Imagine Festival in Paris, Ferragosto Jam Festival, Demofest in Banja Luka, and INmusic Festival in Croatia have cemented their status as a must-see live act. Each performance is a testament to their ability to connect with audiences through their electrifying stage presence and powerful soundscapes.

“Right or Wrong” is a driving anthem that tackles the complex themes of truth, memory, and societal neglect. The track’s relentless rhythm section, courtesy of Hutinec and Obadić, lays a foundation that is both urgent and insistent, perfectly framing Komorski’s powerful vocals and Peharda’s soaring guitar melodies. The song is a reflection of the band’s collective frustration with the manipulation of information and the disregard for individual suffering by those in positions of power.

Lyrically, “Right or Wrong” resonates with a poignant sense of disillusionment. The repetitive phrasing in the lyrics amplifies the song’s message, creating a sense of existential angst that is both palpable and relatable. This song is a cry for authenticity and a yearning for a world where truth prevails over manipulation.

Media Stres has always been adept at balancing reflection and rebellion in their music, and “Right or Wrong” is no exception. The track offers a reflective look at the state of the world while simultaneously channeling a rebellious spirit that challenges the status quo. It is this duality that makes Media Stres a compelling force in the alternative rock genre and beyond.

With “Right or Wrong,” Media Stres not only delivers a powerful single but also reaffirms their position as a band that is unafraid to tackle difficult themes and evoke strong emotions. As they prepare for new shows and continue to create new material, fans can look forward to more of the raw, unfiltered energy that has come to define Media Stres.

For those seeking music that is both thought-provoking and invigorating, “Right or Wrong” by Media Stres is an essential listen. This track is a powerful reminder of the band’s ability to fuse potent lyrics with dynamic instrumentation, creating a sound that is both uniquely theirs and universally resonant. As they reemerge onto the scene, Media Stres is poised to leave an indelible mark on the rock landscape.


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