Lily Amis – ‘Hometown’ ft. Thir13een

In the kaleidoscope of musical tapestries, where every note weaves a story, emerges a poignant narrative of resilience, longing, and the pursuit of belonging. Lily Amis, the multifaceted Iranian-born Children and YA writer, Blogger, Lyricist, and Voice4refugees, who is a force in the realm of songwriting, unveils her latest masterpiece, “Hometown,” a captivating R&B/Pop single that transcends mere melodies to become a vessel of raw emotion and profound reflection. At its core, “Hometown” is a lyrical ode to the silent sufferers, the displaced souls yearning for solace in foreign lands. Lily Amis, with her pen dipped in empathy, paints a vivid portrait of the displaced, the excluded, and the lonely. With each verse, she peels back layers of vulnerability, inviting listeners into a world where the ache for home is a relentless echo in the chambers of the heart.

‘Home Town’ cover artwork

Teaming up with the soul-stirring vocalist Thir13een, “Hometown” becomes a harmonious duet, blending voice and words in a symphony of emotion. Thir13een’s mellifluous tones, imbued with depth and resonance, intertwine seamlessly with Amis’ heartfelt lyrics, breathing life into every syllable, every whispered confession.

Under the expert guidance of musical maestro Warren Young aka Thir13een, “Hometown” unfurls like a blossoming flower, its petals adorned with the gentle strains of piano and the pulsating rhythm of modernity. The musical production serves as a poignant backdrop, a canvas upon which the emotional journey of the song finds its resonance.

“Hometown” is a rallying cry against the injustices of a world that often fails to embrace its weary travelers. Lily Amis’ narrative transcends borders, speaking to anyone who has ever felt the sting of exclusion, the pang of loneliness in a foreign land. In a world marred by narrow-mindedness, discrimination, and racism, “Hometown” is a reminder that resilience and solidarity can conquer even the darkest of nights.

The lyrics of “Hometown” express a poignant longing for a sense of belonging and homecoming. The opening lines set the tone, emphasizing the deep-seated desire for the feeling of home, protection, and belonging, which has persisted for an eternity. The inability to conceal this longing anymore reflects the profound emotional struggle faced by the protagonist.

The imagery of sitting on a bench by a lake encapsulates a moment of introspection and escape from the harsh realities of life, where the search for a hometown becomes imperative. The repetition of the phrase “looking for a hometown” underscores the central theme of the song and the protagonist’s relentless pursuit of finding a place to call home.

The lyrics vividly depict the sense of alienation and isolation experienced since leaving the birth town, highlighting the feeling of being unwelcome from the very beginning. The reference to wasted years in a crowded and loveless environment evokes a sense of disillusionment and longing for authenticity and connection.

Lily Amis’ chorus serves as a poignant lament, echoing the recurring question, “Where is my hometown?” The repetition of this question emphasizes the ongoing search and the yearning for a place that embodies the essence of home.


The juxtaposition of the idealized vision of a magical hometown, reminiscent of a Hallmark movie, with the harsh reality of living in a foreign country adds depth to the lyrics. The contrast between the warmth and community depicted in the fairy tale-like setting and the coldness and isolation of reality amplifies the protagonist’s longing for belonging and acceptance.

The bridge reinforces the theme of yearning and dreaming, with the metaphor of opening one’s wings and visualizing oneself flying higher like a bird. It encapsulates the desire for freedom, growth, and fulfillment amidst the struggle to find a place of belonging.

The closing lines encapsulate the internal conflict between the dream of belonging and the need to confront reality. Despite the ongoing search, the protagonist continues to dream of their hometown, signifying an enduring hope for finding a place of true belonging and acceptance.

Overall, “Hometown” is a poignant and introspective exploration of displacement, longing, and the universal quest for a place to call home. Lily Amis’ evocative lyrics, combined with Thir13een’s soulful delivery, create a compelling narrative that resonates with anyone who has experienced the ache of homesickness and the yearning for a sense of belonging.

As the haunting melody of “Hometown” fades into the ether, it leaves behind a lingering sense of catharsis, a testament to the transformative power of music. In the hands of Lily Amis and Thir13een, a simple song becomes an anthem for the displaced, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human soul. Let its melodies wash over you like a gentle tide, carrying you to shores of empathy, and understanding, and ultimately…home.

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